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2014-2015 Saco Stars Information

Date Published: 10/3/2011 12:00:00 AM Author: Kevin Lombard

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2014-2015 Saco Stars Winter Competition Cheering Information

Team rosters and schedules are posted under "Team Information" in the left-hand menu bar.

Payment Due Dates: If you would like to split up your team fee payments, please note the following due dates:
o   Rising Silver: $25.00 due by 10/31/14.  $25.00 due by 11/14/14.
o   Rising Maroon: $50.00 due by 10/31/14.  $50.00 due by 11/14/14.
o   Shooting and Shining teams: $75.00 due by 10/31/14.  $75.00 due by 11/14/14.  $75.00 due by 11/28/14.
o   Super Stars: $90.00 due by 10/31/14.  $90.00 due by 11/14/14.  $90.00 due by 11/28/14.

2014 - 2015 Teams and Coaches

Rising Stars - Silver
Coach: Lisa Cote
Jr Coach: Ashton Maurice

Rising Stars - Maroon

Coach: Amanda Morong
Jr Coach: Skylar Gaudette
Jr Coach: Megan Bray

Shooting Stars
Coach: Melissa Sevigny
Stars Coach: Natasha Adams
Jr Coach: Emily Camire
Shining Stars - Maroon
Coach: Kristy LaFlamme
Jr Coach: Miranda Mitton
Jr Coach: Daria Morton
Shining Stars - Silver
Coach: Kayla Woodward
Stars Coach: Alex Morneau
Stars Coach: Ashley Smith
Jr Coach: Haley Hodgdon
Super Stars
Coach: Lyndsay Woodward
Stars Coach: Kaitlin Goulet
Middle School
Coach:Lyndsay Woodward & Kaitlin Goulet

Shimmering Stars
Coach:Melissa Sevigny
Practice will start later in the season on Sundays from 2:00 - 3:00 PM. A start will be announced soon.

Program Coach and Consultant
Stars Coach: Abby Boissonneault