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News: 2018 PreK-8th Grade Summer Camp Info

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  E. Dube 

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Registration opens Monday, March 26th, 2018!

THE DETAILS! Check out our Summer Camp 2018 Handout for great information on our camps, including an overview of field trips, camp dates, pricing and registration options.
Registration instructions and Pricing Options are also listed here - please take a moment to read.
Summer Camp Handout 2018

TO REGISTER: The Participant Contact Form must be TYPED and brought in complete when registering (see full details in flyer above). Current Universal Childcare members still must provide a new one in the updated version, however, after this year, we hope to only have updates provided as needed.
Participant Contact Form UNIVERSAL

Fee Waiver: the Fee Waiver form is available for those Saco residents who would like to request assistance with their fees. The amount of money available is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis and also based on need. Forms can be turned in starting Monday, March 26th, 2018.
Fee Waiver Application and Policy 2018-2019

All Fee Waiver Applications are eligible to be submitted by Saco residents beginning on the first day of registration, Monday, March 26th, 2018. All information must be complete and all required forms attached; please bring copies of required receipts/bills/taxes, etc. Fee Waivers are awarded on a first come, first serve basis and based on financial need - do not wait as funds are limited and go quickly. Fee waiver applications will be accepted until funds are expended. Do not turn in registration forms with fee waiver requests. After you receive waiver approval in the mail you can begin the registration process. The registration process must be started within 7 days of receipt of your fee waiver letter or you risk losing the award. Please refer to the Fee Waiver application packet for complete waiver information. If you were granted a fee waiver for Summer 2017 and/or School’s Out 2017-2018 and either did not use it or did not meet the agreed minimum use, you are not eligible to apply for the following year’s fee waiver program unless otherwise approved by the SPR Director. *Please note: the Teen Trailblazers camp and our Academy Summer Day Camps are not eligible for fee waivers as these are contracted programs.

Parent and Camper Handbook: updated version coming soon!  Paper copies will be available during registration.

School System Lunch Program: K-5 camps at locations including the Saco Community Center, Fairfield School, and C.K. Burns School will have breakfast and lunch available to campers at no additional cost through the Saco Schools Nutrition Department’s summer program! Parents electing to use the school program must indicate at drop off that their child will be participating. Menus may be available in the summer. If your child is not interested in participating in this program, please send a lunch.