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SPR Recreation Basketball Update

Thank you to those that have stepped forward to help. We still have a large number of teams that need coaches or volunteers. Because of this and a couple of other unexpected delays we will not be starting practices until the week of December 15th. We continue to build teams and post schedules as things change. Practice and Picture Day schedules go up first and then game schedules for older groups as we work with Biddeford and OOB for games.

You can find information about teams by clicking on “Team Information” to the left. Click on your division and check the teams. At the top we will be listing the coach and volunteers who have stepped forward. If no one has we will list “No coach” at the top. In this case what we are doing is when we have a coach or volunteer we start to build a team. Then we place the next number of children on that team based on registration date and also grade so that teams are balanced to the best of our ability. When we run out of volunteers we will form the remaining teams. At that point we need someone from that group to step up to help. We can provide help with practices and game management as needed.

We thank you for your patience and remind everyone our larger programs are built around a solid volunteer base. This will be true for most if not all of your child’s future athletic and other extracurricular activities not only with SPR but other organizations.  If you can help please email Kevin Lombard at


Saco Parks & Recreation Mission Statement

The Saco Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to creating and providing active and passive recreational opportunities in order to promote social, cultural and physical well being and improve the quality of life for all present and future Saco residents and its visitors. We strive to provide safe well maintained parks, facilities, beaches and a healthy Urban Forest in addition to professional high quality programs and services that respond to changing needs within our community.

As Harry S. Truman said…”The right of children to play and to dance; the right of youth to sport for sports’ sake; the right of men and women to use leisure in the pursuit of happiness in their own way, are basic to our American heritage.”

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